Through years of business, Keats Manufacturing Company has produced custom metal brackets for some of the biggest names in the automotive, electrical distribution and appliance industries.


In addition to providing brackets to well-known manufacturers and popular brand names, Keats Manufacturing also has experience manufacturing custom brackets for a wide variety of applications, including door panels, circuit breakers, garage door openers, instrument panels, thermostats, fender assemblies, sensors,  airbags, ABS brake systems and control switches, among many others.

We are completely dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality of services and products. Our results promise a level of quality unmatched by our competitors, differentiating Keats Manufacturing Company from all other manufacturers. Our facilities are ISO:9001, ISO:14001 and TS:16949 certified and utilize the latest technological innovations, including CAD/CAM, EDM and CNC machines. Our operations are overseen by 25 of the industry’s most experienced die makers, each of whom pay the strictest attention to quality and ensure that all final products meet the high standards of our customers.


Performance & Manufacturing Repeatability for Custom Metal Brackets

We manufacture standard and custom brackets for virtually any application at competitive prices that keep the final product within budget. Our customers may choose between cross brackets, u-shaped brackets, custom metal brackets, mounting brackets, support brackets, and more.
We serve OEM supply chain managers, design engineers, and procurement teams know they can rely on our team to provide high-quality tool design and streamlined manufacturing services, including the design and production of fourslide or progressive die tools. All of our tools are made in-house by our team of expert craftsmen. Managing our design, manufacture, and quality assurance programs in-house ensures we maintain complete control over the quality and specifications of every tool and bracket.


At Keats Manufacturing, our capabilities for custom brackets include:

RoHS Compliance

Our brackets meet or exceed the requirements set out by the European Union’s Directive 2002/95/EC, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS.

Dip and Spin Coating

In our dip and spin coating processes, the brackets are added to a barrel that our operators then immerse in a paint, powder coat, or other protective coating material. This ensures smooth and complete coverage.


Not all material is created equal.  Different materials have different physical and mechanical properties, costs, lead times and availability.  We help our customers choose the right material for the application and ensure that material is readily available throughout the entire process from design to serial production.

Barrel and Rack Plating

Electroplating processes coat metal components with a protective finish that can protect the component from rust, corrosion, and embrittlement. We offer the following processes:

  • Barrel Plated Brackets. We place parts in a polypropylene barrel with center bars that conduct electricity to each part as they tumble in the barrel. The resulting finish also adds a smooth aesthetic appeal to the treated parts.
  • Shelf/Rack Plated Brackets. Shelf or rack plating machines hold the components in place rather than allowing them to tumble. This is reserved for complex or fragile parts with complex designs.

Four Slide 

Keats are the industry leaders in four slide technology.  Not all brackets can be produced using a four slide machine, but when possible we can save up to 35% in material cost by eliminating the need for a carrier strip through the use of our four slide equipment.  We have the largest fleet of four slide machines of any supplier.

Progressive Die Stamping

For those brackets that cannot be produced in four slide machines progressive die presses are the best option.  We have a massive fleet of stamping presses in all of our plants and we utilize the latest die design technology including sensors and servo feed units to ensure we are the most efficient supplier out there.


We offer inventory management support solutions for streamlined order fulfillment such as KANBAN and EDI. 

Design and Assembly

Along with manufacturing, our team can design custom bracket components and assemble multi-part bracket assemblies.

Prototyping Services

For new and custom projects, our team can produce prototypes and samples for testing and refinement to facilitate high-volume orders.

Metal Bracket Manufacturing From Keats Manufacturing

Our company is ITAF-certified and ISO 9001-certified, so our clients can rely on the safety and quality of the stamped products we create. For over 60 years, Keats Manufacturing Company has designed and manufactured assemblies, custom metal stampings, wire forms, and more. We have three facilities dedicated to producing high-quality goods with state-of-the-art equipment and the top metalworking techniques. 

Our customers can choose from our wide inventory of standard bracket designs or have custom configurations designed and developed in any size, metal, or design complexity. Our team can handle high-volume orders of up to 50 million parts. Along with development and manufacturing services, we offer excellent customer support, prototyping, and just-in-time delivery services. 

Contact us today to learn more about our design and manufacturing capabilities or to place your order for your bracket project.

Custom Brackets


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